Writing Samples

University of Maryland Athletic Department (umterps.com)


This story focuses on how UMD graduate student Cody Albrecht overcame his injuries to become a stronger player and person.     Screenshot: umterps.com


This story explains Lisa Bianchini’s journey from community college to the University of Maryland.      Screenshot: umterps.com


This story features Peyton Wade as a key member of the University of Maryland track & field team.     Screenshot: umterps.com

News Editing for Public Relations (COMM332)


Using InDesign, I created a newsletter to inform all L’Occitane customers on company achievements, special events, product releases, and brand background to end 2016 and enter 2017.

News Writing and Reporting for Public Relations (COMM231)

Feature Story

This story focuses on UMD alumna Aliza Licht’s journey from studying biology to becoming a fashion PR success.  It tells readers that it is never too late to pursue passions and follow dreams.

News and Feature Press Releases

The news press release reports on increased diversity enrollment at the University of Maryland.  The feature press release is about the publication of a University of Maryland professor’s new book.  *Both events are simulated situations.

TV News Script

The TV broadcast script reports on local methamphetamine use and arrests.  *Simulated situation.

Radio News Script

The radio broadcast script explains the prosecution of a church embezzler. *Simulated situation.