January 15, 2017

Version 2

Experiences studying abroad are like snowflakes; no two are the same.

I begin my second spring in Europe after spending last spring in Madrid, Spain. Nice, France will be my home for the next four months, and I am excited to recount all of the places I will go, adventures I will have, and the experiences that I will grow from.  Though Spain and France border each other, that’s about all that they share.  The only similarities that my study abroad experiences will have, it seems, is that they are in the same continent.

This time abroad, I find myself in a moderately-sized Mediterranean town, living with a host mother, practicing a language that I have been learning for nearly 9 years. (Check out my Madrid, Spain tab for a refresher of my first semester over seas).  New people, new places, and a new culture make for much adjustment, but I do so with a (pretty) open mind and eagerness to enjoy every moment while I am here.  With all of these incredible experiences come a wish that all of my family and friends were here to share them with me, but I will do my best to deliver my discoveries in my posts.

Look out for entries about my host home, some niçois history, and special experiences from Week 1!

Paix, Amour, Nice