Break 1 – London

PSA: This is not London Bridge 

Though the London Bridge is one of London’s better-known structures (thanks to nursery rhymes and Fergie), the Tower Bridge is actually much more impressive.  After marveling at the aged architecture of the bridge from Potters Fields Park on the south side of London, I walked across the River Thames to discover some of the city’s more modern sightseeing treasures.



Anywhere Art at Brick Lane

A walk north of the Tower Bridge leads one to Brick Lane, the grounds of London’s street art scene.  Though the area offers street art tours, and specific display locations can be found online, I opted to take Brick Lane (from the intersection of Brick Lane and Hopetown Street) toward London’s Shoreditch quarter, and simply wander side streets that branched left and right to see what works I could find.



Some street artists’ work can be identified (Banksy, Wrdsmth), but I am at a loss to give credit where credit is due for these brick-wall masterpieces.  Though each creator has every right to be acknowledged, I found that the anonymity was alluring, making me wonder who in the world produced this piece and when, why, how…


Because of London’s confusing weather that mislead many of my plans, I missed out on some weekend markets on my Monday morning visit to Brick Lane.  Regardless, I felt that the excursion was worthwhile, as I discovered these expressive designs on my own and spent my last morning in London speaking to the streets.  As for the markets, I’ll just have to return!


Destination Locations 


Peace, Love, London



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