Break 1 – London

Here I Come, Hogwarts!

With an entire day ahead of me after a morning of yoga at The Shard, I headed to King’s Cross train station’s Platform 9 3/4 for Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s school of magic and wizardry.

A large crowd called attention to the site, complete with a photo-op and gift shop.  The photography center employees were committed to serving tourists an authentic experience, providing wands, Hogwarts scarves, and assistance to make it seem as though one was truly in action running through the platform.  The gift shop was as equally as impressive, complete with Hogwarts school robes and a cabinet of wands.  Though I didn’t wait in the “queue” to take my turn journeying to Hogwarts, I did buy a pack of Every Flavor jelly beans for my future train travels.


Today, I am a Tourist

I spent the second half of the day visiting London’s typical tourist sights: Buckingham Palace (where I discovered that, unfortunately, the iconic, red-jacketed guards wear grey in the winter), Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (viewed best from the St. Thomas Hospital Gardens), and the London Eye.  With a good attitude and a good pair of shoes, it’s possible to walk all of these sights in an afternoon.


Big Ben from the St. Thomas Hospital Gardens


The London Eye and the Boudiccan Rebellion statue


Walk it! Click here for directions

Destination Locations

Peace, Love, London



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