January 18, 2017

Ma famille d’accueil

My host mom’s name is Sophie, and she is a psychologist. She used to have her own practice, but now she works in psychology at various universities. She is also involved in a group that promotes ecological honesty and conservation.  Sophie has a daughter who studies engineering in Lyon, France, and has been hosting international students for over a decade, so she is used to having young adults live with her.

To bring her a little bit of home, I gave her Bethlehem star greeting cards, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania tile, a small Moravian star, and Moravian mints made with a recipe passed down from the original group. She appreciated the gift and was interested in the information about where I live.

My host mom, or mere d’accueil, lives in the old town of Nice, or Vieux Nice. Here, the streets are crooked and narrow, but the buildings tall and colorful. The vibe of the neighborhood is very coastal Italian, revealing the multi-country influences on Nice. The apartment itself is rather small, but it is clean and safe.

Sharing the home with us is Plume the cat, whose name means feather in English. Plume has been my best friend so far, and a real comfort in an unfamiliar place. Because I am used to being independent, living with someone who is not a peer and who controls much of my living situation is uncomfortable for me. Madame Sophie is wonderful, the situation is just, literally, foreign territory. With Plume taking naps in my room and snuggling asleep with me at night, I feel more relaxed. I know that time and routine will ease my discomfort and I will feel right at home in no time.


J’adore Plume!

Destination Locations

Paix, Amour, Nice



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