On Air with Alyssa

The Newseum’s NBC News Interactive Newsroom is impossible to miss. The glowing row of stalls on the second floor beckons curious visitors to test their broadcasting skills. Though I usually prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, I enjoyed interacting with this fluid, digital aspect of communication that is uncommon in the classroom.

A visual directs visitors at the Newseum’s NBC News Interactive Newsroom, while stalls wait for guests of any age to practice broadcast journalism.                                               Photo credit: Alyssa Haduck


Three steps to ..3 ..2 ..1

It’s as simple as choose your story, grab the mic, and begin! To be a Newseum TV reporter, visitors can approach the media stand and choose an adult or child version of one of nine topics, including:


The media station provides visitors with story and location reporting options at the Newseum’s NBC News Interactive Newsroom.  Photo credit: Alyssa Haduck

  • sports with the Washington Nationals
  • Washington, D.C. politics
  • weather for the week

Once decided, the participant just picks up the microphone, stands in front of the camera, and waits for the teleprompter to start the story. I chose the Washington Nationals option because I am interested in pursuing a public relations position in the professional sports industry. The unpredictability of each day in sports satisfies my need for a dynamic career, while the organization itself represents a constant team community. Though my 20 seconds of amateur reporting with the NBC News Interactive Newsroom wasn’t perfect, the experience not only solidified my existing interests, but also exposed me to a curiosity in a more active role of communication.


Combining communication

With the security of editing, from delete to spell-check, I am most comfortable writing and having control over my communication. Reporting on paper does not pose any


Reporting sports news at the Newseum’s NBC News Interactive Newsroom proves to be more difficult than it seems.  Photo credit: Jessica Cooper

problems, but broadcasting on camera is an unfamiliar feat.

The NBC News Interactive Newsroom entertains visitors as a user-friendly and informative exhibit. After participating in the display, I realized that I could expand my reporting perspective to make the most of my position in public relations. Broadcast journalism, as practiced in this presentation, calls for oral communication, a particularly expressive and personal experience. I appreciate this approach to PR because I want to be immersed in my project and my public, finding facts, telling stories, and engaging my audience. I plan to apply the NBC News Interactive Newsroom exhibit experience to future PR endeavors.

Check out the Newseum’s website for more on exhibits, community, and news!


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