Week 7 – Recap

If I wasn’t getting out of my comfort zone on my own after seven weeks in Spain, my teachers were going to force me out.

As a part of the second of four oral presentations that I will give in Spanish this semester, I had to survey Spaniards on the street.  All presentations are about our anticipated professional field.  For me, it is public relations.  To get the most insightful answers in the most efficient way, I created questions that could be answered in just a few words, or even numbers, to assure that I understood my data.  I was anxious to approach the Spaniards because of the language barrier, with my embarrassing pronunciation and limited vocabulary.  My victims, however, were extremely patient with my speaking attempts, and participated whole-heartedly in my survey.  These enjoyable exchanges were a pleasant surprise after the expected coarseness that I had experienced just few weeks ago.  It seems as if you put your best efforts forward, the Spaniards will reciprocate.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I may actually be picking up a thing or two while studying abroad—  I’ll be a madrileña yet!

My intrusions, however, have just begun.  Learn about my current photography project, 50 Strangers, and check out my most recent photojournalism post to find out what I’ve been working on!


Paz, Amor, Madrid



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