February 4, 2016



Let’s talk about laundry.  The annoying and somewhat time consuming task takes on a new level of nuisance in Spain.  The first problem in my situation is that the washer is located in the kitchen.  Not only is the kitchen not large enough for the addition of a major appliance, but this specific appliance, the washer, should never be in the same place where food is prepared.  The sanitary issues from the kitchen floor to the kitchen counter for both clean and dirty clothes are far too many.

You may be thinking, “Well at least the dryer isn’t located in the kitchen,” but to that I say, there is no dryer, in the kitchen or elsewhere.  All items to be dried must be hung on a clothes line, six stories up into the skies of Spain.  That way, when a freshly cleaned item unhinges from the line, it falls from our sixth floor apartment down into the area of our ground-floor not-so-neighbors.  By the graces of the gravity gods, neither my roommates nor I have experienced this misfortune.  Something else, however, has fallen on my laundry.



As luck would have it, one of our friends in flight dropped directly above my laundered labors.  A bird pooped on my bedsheets!  So after waking up early to do the wash at 7 a.m. to assure that my items could dry all day to be ready to bring in in the evening, I have to take another 12 hours to rewash and redry this item.  I understand that where square footage is concerned, a dryer is a luxury, and I applaud the Spanish on their water and energy conservation efforts, but you guys need a new system!  Or I need better luck…


*Disclaimer: I am not actually complaining about my laundry situation, just entertaining myself by being dramatic about a minor difference between my American and Spanish lives.


Paz, Amor, Madrid



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