Week 3 – Recap

After my Moroccan-dominated third week, I have confirmed my love for travel and discovered within it a thread of yearning for home.  Before coming to Europe, traveling the world was a dream, something that I thought I would love the idea of, but did not have too many adventures to base my enthusiasm off of.  After visiting Africa, I know that years of travel talk are valid, and that this is one of my passions.  Among these exciting thoughts, however, is a slight sadness.  I am not usually emotional, but with all of my adventures, I find myself thinking back to my world on hold.  Whether I miss an aspect of American life, am reminded of a friend or event, or wish a family member were with me to share an experience, there is often a longing for what is far away.  I am glad, though, to have these wistful thoughts, because they remind me that travel is only beautiful if you have something to call home.


Paz, Amor, Madrid



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