REVIEW: Citylife Madrid


Citylife Madrid

I went to Morocco with Citylife Madrid, a integration activity company based in Madrid, Spain.  For only 209€, I had an amazing trip with the fantastic guides.  Our Moroccan guide, Rasheed, always assured that we felt safe and comfortable, giving us everything we needed.  Jorge and Matt, our CityLife Madrid guides, were enthusiastic, engaging, and attentive, the best guys for the job.

Though the people on the trip were fantastic, the size of the group was not ideal. I would have preferred to tour Morocco with a smaller group of around 20, rather than our herd of 60. Many parts of the tour felt rushed and chaotic to make sure everyone was together and where we needed to be. A smaller group, would have allowed me to take my time in the cities and to appreciate and learn more about Morocco, instead of running through the streets to get to the highlights.  I would have liked to know about the bus ride law ahead of time to prepare for start-and-stop traveling.  Additionally, we were told that the hotel bedrooms were for three people, but were not aware that the third bed was a cot, and in some cases, only a small mattress directly on the ground.  Though it was a cheap trip, it is unacceptable to make someone sleep on the floor.

The Moroccan trip, my first European weekend getaway, revealed positives and negatives of cheap group travel for the college-aged.  Overall, I had a great experience, and would recommend CityLife Madrid and Morocco to fellow travelers.

Travel Tips

  • Consider group travel.  Though you may sacrifice some time, exploration, and intimacy, traveling with a tour group may provide safety, organization and peace of mind.
  • Prepare for your price.  It is important to consider your standards in regard to what you spend.  Cheap trips may exceed expectations, but also have the potential to be underwhelming.  The same goes for pricey outings.  Either way, be prepared for your experience to be a reflection of what you pay; don’t complain if you got a great price, and do complain if you feel you deserve more.

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