January 28, 2016

Spinning in Spain

I’m always up for a workout, so my roommates and I joined a gym about a week after arriving in Madrid.  A 1-minute walk from our apartment, the gym has proven to be a worthy investment; we all value our fitness and health, and are tackling the Kayla Itsines workout together.  On the days off from the program, we do different cardio options, like running in El Retiro park.  This week, we decided to try a spin class offered at our gym.  Along with many other firsts in the past two weeks, this was my first time doing Spinning.  As it turns out, a fitness class is a good way to learn a language.  Because you are listening, seeing, and doing, it is easier to put words to meanings.  Although I only understood a few of the instructor’s phrases, I was able to catch on and follow the others in class.  Language barrier aside, “¡Chicos! ¡Chicas! ¡Vámanos!” is much more motivating than the English, “Let’s go!”

Though the class itself was a great workout, I was disappointed by the music.  Any song with vocals was sung in English.  Being in Madrid, I was looking forward to a Spinning class with Spanish flair.  I later realized, however, that going to a Spinning class in the first place is a very American thing to do.  From what I have observed, the Spanish are behind the United States on placing a high priority on physical health (first example, the universality of smoking).  I hope that the Spaniards can increase healthy living options throughout the country while retaining their traditional practices and unique culture.


New Adventures

Traveling begins today!  Taking advantage of my day off from school this Friday, I am going to a destination that I never imagined I’d visit.  Beautiful beaches, captivating culture, interesting inhabitants…  Check in next week to find out where I’m exploring next.  Adiós until Monday!


Travel Tips

  • Go to a class to learn the language.  Whether it’s cuisine, art, or fitness, you’ll be guided through what’s happening with visual and hands-on cues, these senses understanding what your ears cannot.


Paz, Amor, Madrid



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