Week 1 – Recap

The week in one word: exhausting.  I did not know how much travel affected the body. Not only did I enter a time difference six hours ahead, but I also fell behind on sleep with an early-morning orientation schedule.  In addition to physical fatigue, I am mentally drained from the new, daily obstacles that I encounter in Madrid.  With the language barrier, I have to work hard to understand, as well as to make myself understood.  Next week, I hope that I can be better adjusted to the time here. Bring on the siestas!

This study abroad experience was my first time traveling out of the country alone, and my first time in Europe.  I am proud to say that I made it to Madrid without a single hiccup in my journey across the sea.  I like where I live, who I live with, and the other students in my program.  Madrid has a beauty incomparable to any area in the United States.  The awe is not better, but different.  I am grateful to be able to explore the world and reflect on the similarities and differences that make it so beautiful.


Paz, Amor, Madrid



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